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At Bell Home Inspection,I strive to give you, the client ,the best possible service .You will find me courteous and professional. My reports are very indept and I offer fast service.

With a email address you can receive the report the same day. A hard copy is also available upon request.

In my pre-inspection contract you will be informed as to what the inspection covers. How the inspection is preformed, and to what extent items are inspected.

You cannot afford to not have your home inspected !!!!  For most people it is their largest investment .
 It is well worth the small expense to hire a licensed home inspector to inspect your new home. 
The home inspection will pay for itself.  Bell Home Inspection will give you confidence in your investment.

I am a member of the National Society of Certified Home Inspectors. And Licensed by the State of Arkansas.

                                  Arkansas Home Inspector
                               Serving Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, Bella Vista, Lowell, Centerton all of NW Arkansas and SW Missouri

The price you pay for a home inspection is a small fee compared to what you may have to pay for repairs.

A professional licensed contractor installed a new deck on the rear of this home. A deck or a new addition must be properly flashed onto the exsiting structure or water penetration (rain) will enter the home. The picture below is a example of water entering the walls of a home and soaking through the OSB paneling. This picture was taken inside the crawlspace area.  As a home inspector I look at all systems of a home and report such defects.
In the above picture, it appears this branch circuit might be a bit overloaded. The electrician agreed with me. The buyers saved allot on this one.