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         Clint W. Bell
Arkansas Licensed Since
               Northwest Arkansas Home Inspector

      Why Should You Have A Home Inspection? 
Home inspectors are trained professionals in systems and components of homes, from the roof to the foundation. They identify problems and potential problem areas. The average person does not have the training or the experience to properly inspect a home. For a small fee compared to the price of a home, you can have confidence in your investment and possibly save thousands of dollars in repair or replacement fees. A home inspection will pay for itself many times over. The decision to have a home inspection,  buying or selling could be the wisest thing you could possibly do!!!!
Bell Home Inspection will help you make a educated decision.

The growing economy and the housing market.
  Like the early 2000s the housing market has once again taken off. Hundreds, if not thousands of homes are now being built in the NWA area. Even if you are buying a new home, I strongly recommend getting the home inspected. The contractors that I know are knowledgeable good people that try very hard to put a quality product on the market. However, in these busy times, quality subcontractors can be difficult to find, and many are overwhelmed by the demand of their services. The quality of construction is only as good as the ones that actually do the work.  With that said, mistakes can be made, errors are left unfound. I often find more issues with new construction, than homes that are 3 to 5 years old. 

  There is also now a trend to buy homes, remodel or upgrade them and then sell them for profit. This is called flipping the home, I call the people that do this, flippers. The flippers that I know are good people that are in a legitimate (for profit) business. The issue with this, is that the flippers often do not have the training to recognize problems that exist with the home or the homes systems. After they make the home pretty, I come in and inspect it, and all of a sudden they discover there are serious issues that now have to be repaired. The old saying "You can't judge a book by its cover" is true. Many (flippers) now hire me to inspect their homes, before they invest in property to sell later for profit. 

  The age of the home can often dictate what type of issues there will be with the home. For some examples; With new construction, most of what I find is, Incomplete installation or improper installation. These issues can lead to future system failure or future damage to the home that is currently not apparent. 
  Homes in the 5 to 10 year range often begin to show signs of errors in the original construction, that are now affecting the systems of the home. Including, but not limited to, structural or foundation issues. 
  Homes in the 11 to 20 year range can also have the 5 to 10 year range issues, but add on to that, roof deterioration, HVAC problems, hot water tank failures, as well as maintenance issues caused by neglect of the home. 
  After the 20 year mark of the homes age. Multiple and extensive issues can be present. There have been hundreds of changes in construction methods over the last 20 years. Materials used have changed, code requirements have changed. I do not normally (quote) code issues, but if they are safety related and visible, I do. I could write a book on all the issues I have encountered over the years, but that is not practical here. 
My point here, is that it is to your benefit, to have the home you are buying inspected. It could save you thousands of dollars in repair cost. If you hire me, I will provide you with a quality service. 

Most mortgage companies are now requiring home inspections, to protect the buyer and themselves. If you hire me, I will work for you, and do my very best to educate  you on most likely your largest investment. 
Why you should use Bell Home Inspection?
    I have 40 years of combined experience in the systems and components of  homes.  I have over 2 thousand hours of training in the home inspection business. I offer a modern professional report with pictures and comments on all aspects of the home. Not a checklist with boxes checked off. My reports will educate you on all the systems of your home.  I am licensed in the state of Arkansas (HI# 1406). 

I hope you will use Bell Home Inspection. I will give you confidence in your new home. And you will be educated by me, on its condition. I do all inspections and reports personally. 
Please visit my other pages for more information and pricing.

80% of the decks I inspect have some form of deterioration or improper construction method present. For you safety, please get your home inspected. 

State of Arkansas Licensed HI#1406


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